Endeavor Atacama Geopark

The corporation is currently collaborating with scientists and a variety of professionals to apply a vast area of the region for the Global Geoparks Network of the UNESCO, named Atacama Geopark. This endeavor, suggested by the local inhabitants, is being directed by our Corporation and includes the description and the application process of the project. Geoparks are unique and unified geographic areas aimed at managing sites and landscapes of geologic relevance under holistic criteria for protection, education and sustainable development. This way, regional landscapes, ecosystems and culture becomes an infinite source for special interest tourism and a field school for all-level students from play-group to specialized university careers.

This UNESCO geo-park will allow us to internationally reinforce the brand Atacama, connecting it better to our geography and territory. It will articulate patrimonial geo-sites and comprehensively connect relevant attractions and routs to boost the local communities’ development by adding value to their own cultures and ways of living, highlighting indigenous people’s history and also rescuing and valorization of our identity and rich mining history.