Endeavor Local Centers for Heritage Interpretation (CLIP)

CLIP or Local Centers for Heritage Interpretation were created in the search of a closer relation between the Corporation and every province of the region of Atacama, which will be community centers for people to value science and to meet scientific and environmental work, so as to boost a sense of belonging between locals and their own unique heritage and to steer scientific interest and vocation, being an opportunity to attract talents and leaders around different areas of knowledge. These places will also host the development of the Junior Academy of Sciences, which is another crosscutting project of the corporation.

These places would be set up and linked together with the regional government and other public institutions. CLIPs will also hold a touristic vocation with strong roots on local land features, having attractive museographic contents and enabling services for visitors to enjoy. As well, shops will offer handcrafts and products made by local makers which should relate the identity of each particular collection. There would be at least two mutually supported CLIPs in each province whose routs will reveal the origins of nature allowing memorable experiences.