Endeavor Paleontological Museum

One of the main objectives of the Corporation is to create a big museum in the commune of Caldera which will host the scientific collections, the research center and a world class exhibition: the Paleontological Museum of Atacama. This Museum is not only understood as an education showcase but also as a conservation center of its patrimonial collections and a scientific research engine whose goal is to be a milestone for Natural Sciences at a global scale.

This place will inherit the current Paleontological Museum of Caldera, created in 2006, which is located inside the Estación Caldera Cultural Center and is under municipal administration. Then the Corporation will have to take on the management and look after the existing collections and to plan and build a new structure for the permanence and continuity of the museum. The new facilities are projected to be built in the paleontological park Los Dedos, so as to consolidate the site as a neuralgic center for studies and whose existence rises as a tutelary icon for the safeguarding and protection of the fossil heritage on-site. This way, the museum will be the main symbol of the Corporation tasks and an attraction pole for tourists and visitors.